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Slitter Machines

Cason Slitters with more than 20 full customized different solutions, can nowadays offer to the global converting industry an unique approach able to satisfy all the market request, combining  the newest technologies applications with deep sector’s experience and full machine’s reliability . 
Cason Slitters are designed highlighting the ideal relationship between man and machine to make the production more efficient, convenient and safe for the user. Follow this, our research and design pays attention to every single ergonomic detail of our machines, using the newest and modern CAD system software to PROJECT and DESIGN the functionality of our slitters in “human scale”. 

Slitter Machines.

Center Duplex

Center Duplex Aluminium

Innova BiBack HPO

Innova BiBack HPO
Face to Face

Innova Cap

Innova Duplex Diameter

Innova Back to Back

Innova Matic

Innova BiBack

Innova Maxima

Innova TBS

Label Slit

Easy Back

Easy Front

Innova Front

Innova Paper

Innova Center

Innova Matic SGPE

Innova Biback FL

Slitter Machines.

Techno Fold 1000

Techno Fold 600

Rewo Flexo Auxiliary

Easykut TM

Easykut TS

Easykut CAPL TS

Doctor 800

Doctor 600

Innova Matic ST

Rewo Flexo HPO

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