Slitter rewinder for narrow rolls Center Duplex

The slitter rewinder Center Duplex with the sturdy frame and rewind with the innovative layout of a “central drum roll” allows to rewind wide range of materials in narrow bands from 10 mm up to 800 mm diameter.

Narrow web slitter rewinder

Slitter rewinder for narrow web

This slitter rewinder is developed for manufacturers and converters with customers in the aluminium industry such as the sectors of pharmaceutical, electronics and food markets and wherever there is a need to produce narrow bands with high diameters and high rewinding accuracy.

Technical features Details
Material width 1000-2100 mm
Mother roll ø up to 1200 mm
Finished roll width (min) > 10 mm
Maximum speed 700 m/min
Slit rolls ø up to 600-800 mm
Neutral film Aluminium
Paper Metallized film
Labels Non woven
Narrow rolls

Slitter rewinder for narrow rolls of aluminium

Frontal slitting solution of Center Duplex is ideal to process aluminium foil.

This is the evolution of the central drum “Center Duplex” but dedicated to process aluminum foils. The model takes the innovative advantage of “central drum roll” layout, keeping high speeds and stability managed by total hydraulic system.

Slitter rewinder for aluminium reels

The special feature

Frontal solution of Center Duplex dedicated to aluminium foil. Ideal to process embossed printed aluminium, thanks to a rewinding function with or without GAP, ideal for such sensitive materials.

Technical features Details
Mother roll ø (max) 1000 - 1200 mm
Mother rolls width (max) 1000 - 1600 mm
Finished roll width (min) ≥ 10 mm
Maximum speed 500 m/min
Slit rolls ø (max) 800 mm
Material tickness ≥10 μ

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