Innova Matic SGPE

A new target has been reached by Cason Srl, thanks to a newest model of Double Turret Slitter Rewinder, integrating the most advanced full automatic reel exchange, that is able to optimize and increase the productivity of any perforator to the highest point ever tested before. The machine has a dedicated design with separated unwinder, allowing to install a perforator unit between the unwinder and the rewinder, maintaining perfect tension and extension of materials while running the fastest acceleration and deceleration ramps ever tried in perforation business.

Full rewind heavy rolls possibility up to 1800mm, and diameter of 800mm using motorized trolley extraction with dedicated scale for weight measurement.


Slitter Rewinders for Neutral Film - Cason Companies

Neutral film

Slitter Rewinders for Paper - Cason Companies


Slitter Rewinders for Metallized Film - Cason Companies

Metallized film

Technical features Details
Mother roll width (max) 1800 mm
Mother roll diameter (max) 1200 mm
Slit rolls width (min) 40 mm
Slit rolls diameter (max) 800

Features and equipment shown on this brochure are standard. 
CASON Srl can customize the machines according to customer’s technical specifications.


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