Label Slit

Thanks to our precise tension control of the film and innovative compact layout, Label Slit is the “made in Cason” machine ideal to process wide range of label’s films in plastic and paper materials.
Label Slit is the specifically developed solutions for the beverage, logistics, GDO and Chemical / Pharmaceutical industries.


Slitter Rewinders for Labels - Cason Companies


Technical features Details
Mother roll ø (max) 1000 mm
Mother rolls width (max) 800 - 1200 mm
Slit rolls ø (max) 600 mm
Maximum speed 600 m/min
Finished roll width (min) > 20 mm
Material Thickness ≥ 10 μ

Features and equipment shown on this brochure are standard. 
CASON Srl can customize the machines according to customer’s technical specifications.


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