During the quarantine Cason has never stopped its activity and the installations in the U.K. are a perfect demonstration of that. Magazine FlexoTech, specialized in flexible packaging and labels, dedicated an article about it.

The Saica partnership was formed just prior to the UK and italian lockdown and the flexibility of all parties involved ensured deliveries were met on time.

Saica’s first aim was to improve productivity.

According to Mr Simon Proctor, general manager at Saica Flex Wigan, the partnership has been even better than anticipated:

The double turrel operation is both smooth and reliable. Other benefits have been the trim winders which are working excellently… other benefits are the Cason Industry 4.0 interface which is simple and easy to learn”.

The innova Matics are capable of:

  • speeds up to 700m/min
  • rapid reel and size change over times incorporing
  • fully automatic finished end cycle
  • roll ejection system.

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