New solution for automatic double turret slitter rewinders: the patented TAPELESS REWINDING APPLICATION for INNOVA MATIC 4.0

Cason Srl introduces another smart innovation for its double turret slitter rewinders INNOVA MATIC 4.0: the TAPELESS REWINDING APPLICATION. This patented solution has been introduced at drupa fair in Düsseldorf (May 28 – June 7, 2024).

Rewinding application slitters

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The development of a reliable and innovative solutions is the result of a deep experience and careful listening of Cason’s customers and their needs, which year after year confirm Cason as an international player able to provide innovations for all Converting sectors such as flexible packaging and paper industries, solutions that can use both medium-small businesses and large multinational players.

The operator's friendly solution for slitters

The first feature of the TAPELESS REWINDING APPLICATION is its ease of use.

One of the difficulties in introducing an additional feature, in modern equipment, is that most of the time those solutions, to gain the desired results, become complicated and difficult to set for the operator who already has plenty of different variables to manage to achieve the desired productivity and reels quality.

For this reason, Cason’s R&D department has studied a solution that would be a real benefit for the operator’s working life, no additional time or special skills are needed. 

The result of this study is the TAPELESS REWINDING APPLICATION, a plug and play solution harmonized into the slitter cycle.

Rewinding application for slitters

Direct and indirect time saving with automatic double turret slitter rewinders

Slitter rewinders rewinding application

Another important characteristic of this smart innovation is the direct and indirect time saving, in comparison to manual or automatic nowadays technology (taping material on the core).

In manual taping mode, the operator needs to invest time each cycle to tape each core before new cycle starts, this has a direct effect on the time taken by the operator between cycles.

In automatic mode (using a dedicated tape dispenser), the speed of the slitter is reduced during each cycle to allow the dispenser to position the tape correctly before changing the turret. 

Furthermore, the dispenser needs to be checked and filled time to time, replacing the tape’s roll and doing some maintenance.

With Cason’s TAPELESS REWINDING APPLICATION, no time is spent on these operations, thus making the production cycle smooth and without any jamming.

Multi-material solution for slitters

An interesting peculiarity is also the high versatility of the solution.

The TAPELESS REWINDING APPLICATION is a multi-material solution that could be integrated into Cason double turret slitter rewinders ready to process a wide range of materials such as plastic films, metallized films, paper, laminated materials and semi-rigid materials.

This versatility allows to spread the offer of this special application to different sectors such as flexible packaging, converting and paper industries.

Rewinding application for slitters
Easy-release function for slitter rewinders
Patented application for slitters

A special advantage of Cason’s TAPELESS REWINDING APPLICATION is the possibility to produce – in automatic restarting – high volumes of easy-release products, a highly valued feature for the newest digital printing markets and cold seal applications.

The easy-release feature is highly requested by final users of our customers in the above-mentioned sectors to prevent eventual jams on the final packaging machines or units that process reels from our customers.

This Cason’s patented application has been developed with the aim to fully cover the different process steps in the production plant to bring added value by facilitating the operations and maintenance of the slitters and making the equipment setup smarter.

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