Published on: April 9, 2021

New Full Automatic Handling Plant Installed in Italy

Another successful installation

We have chosen Cason because of their professionalism, their careful attention to our needs, and help in achieving our goals

CEO of Gamma Pack Vittorio Grossi

President of Gamma Pack, Dr. Vittorio Grossi, commented on the installation of the unloading, packaging and palletizing handling  plant for plastic film reels downstream of the slitter rewinders.

Gamma Pack operates in the flexible packaging sector and is specialized in plastic films for food, non-food and pharmaceuticals. To increase the productivity and efficiency of the slitting and coating department, it decided to rely on Cason Handling solutions. The handling plant was custom designed and adapted to the customer’s slitter rewinders and production cycles, without mechanical changes to the existing machinery.

The main goals to achieve were:

  • Increase the productivity
  • Reduce the downtime
  • Reduction of the operator’s workload with regard to physical load
  • Integration with the customers E.R.P. system
  • Improve the traceability of the product

Phase 1 - Unloading the reels

The transfer of the reels from the slitter rewinders to the collection line takes place under operator control. The transfer of the reels, by to the automated systems, does not involve physical effort for the operator. Pushers have been provided on the unloaders and roller cradles for unloading. The reels leave the slitters pre-labeled. Pressing the starting button, the operator starts the conveyors up to the packing area.

Phase 2 - Packing Area

The reels inserted in the collection line are treated in a totally automatic way. The transport system has been designed to control the flow of the reels and to manage accumulations. The reels arrive at the packaging area and are identified by reading the bar code affixed to the labels. The reading of the label is guaranteed by a device that rotates the reel to ensure correct reading; in the same way a process scale is installed to record the weight of each single reel.

Phase 3 - Automatic Bagging Machine

After the correct reading of the bar code, the reel is bagged. Depending on the diameter and length of the reel, the bagging machine sets itself automatically. The bag is made by 4 seals of a micro-perforated film (30/50 micron). The excess film generated is removed from the bag automatically. Once the bagging is complete, an additional label is applied to the outside of the bag.

Phase 4 - Palletization with 6-axis anthropomorphic robot

An ABB anthropomorphic robot was used for palletization downstream of bagging. The reels are fed to the robot by a belt equipped with a centering device. The palletization area is composed of:

  • 6 palletizing positions. Each position allows a different product and palletization of reels with vertical axis and pallets of various sizes.
  • Anthropomorphic robot, with single gripper. ABB robot is suitable for handling reels up to a maximum weight of 100 kg
  • Cardboard separator station (single size 80x 120)
  • The pallet assignment with respect to the slitter of origin is dynamic. The pallet dimensions can be different within the limits of the project data.
  • The robot working area and palletizing area is segregated with fixed fences and interlocked safety barriers.

Industry 4.0

The technological focus of the handling plant is the interface between the E.R.P of the Company and the automation handling system. The plant management system takes charge of the data of the orders in progress by the E.R.P. system in the company.  All information (type of pallet, spindle reel to be used in production, number of reels to be placed on the pallet, and separators between the layers, yes / no, etc.) are transferred to the supervision system of the plant.  The latter is completely tailored to the customer. Through the continuous exchange of data between the plant supervision system and the E.R.P. system in the company, the correct preparation of the order takes place. Once the pallet is completed, the Cason software relays the data to the E.R.P. system.  The printing of a packing list starts with the complete list of the reels present, their sub-lots, the various weights and all the information for shipping to the customer. This process allows product traceability and production progress in real time.


All functions take place without human contact. This aspect, combined with the drastic increase in productivity, the improvement of the flow of materials and the total traceability of products, makes this system compliant with the standards of Industry 4.0.  

For more information on the handling plant, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

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