Other Cason services


Installation at the customer site is entrusted to Cason’s mechanical and electronic professional technicians team that is able to follow the installation and commissioning of facilities, supporting the client during the delicate phases of start-up and training.

Installation in Boran Mopack


CASON has an effective remote-assistance service, using the latest technologies that ensures a first real-time monitoring of the installation World Wide.

Our Electrical Engineering Department has a laboratory equipped to meet all the customer’s needs every working day from 6.00 up to 22.00.

Some of the problem cannot be solve online, and Cason offer to the customer a direct contact service with our technician department through dedicated email [email protected] and dedicated phone number in order to set quickly technical dispatch and spare parts order and delivery.


Our professional after sales team offer to our customer a large range of services to move already installed equipment to new production plant or new position following the customer needs.

Our team is specialized to disassembly, assembly, re-assembly and re-testing all the equipment, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and fluency to re-starting production cycle in all conditions.


Cason Slitters have a solid and dedicated expert service, timely and reliable, cost-competitive and after sales service in real-time also for spare parts.

The deliveries are processed by our italian plant using the most suitable solutions follow customer needs and enquires received.

Cason Slitters after sales is able to attribute different priorities of the enquires for to keep working the customer’s plant, to don’t affect the customer productivity.