INNOVA MATIC Evolution 4.0: a new series made in Cason

Thanks to decades of experience and the application of the latest innovations in the industry, Cason in 2022 launched a new series of fully automatic, next-generation double turret slitter rewinders guaranteeing its customers higher and higher performances.

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INNOVA MATIC Evolution 4.0

The new generation of Cason INNOVA MATIC Evolution 4.0 slitter rewinders optimizes all the production processes of the previous machines by including new technical solutions with the aim of making the entire production cycle as automated and smooth as possible, while maintaining a very high level of customization. 3 are the synergies on which this new INNOVA MATIC Evolution 4.0 slitting machine series is based: intrinsic values, customized solutions and innovation.

Intrinsic values

The new series is designed following the structure of Cason slitting machines, which have always had highly ergonomic features.
In fact, the design of all Cason slitting machines is studied to ensure easy, safe and fast operations with intuitive and quick controls while maintaining the practicality of the systems – such as the cutting system – on a human scale.

The optimization of the time spent on the various steps is one of the “must-have factors” for Cason: technologies have been developed that, applied to operations from the mechanical and electrical point of view, are fast and smart, both for the operation of the slitting machine and for managing its maintenance.

The safety systems installed in Cason’s slitting machines fully meet all international standards, while still ensuring that the operator can intervene on the machine in a convenient and easy way.

Custom solutions

Customization has always been the flagship at Cason: a dedicated in-house R&D department develops ad hoc designs for each customer that are made in-house in the production area where our technicians can reshape each solution so that it is in line with every need, even the most particular ones.

Respecting the achieved experience, today Cason is progressing towards ever higher levels of customization and the new INNOVA MATIC Evolution 4.0 series is proof of that.

On this machine there are already provisions to accommodate various solutions and install external systems such as auxiliary equipments either at the design stage or by future customer choice, thus leaving free space to add functionality and flexibility suitable to meet any new market needs, such as including auxiliary equipment like micro-macro perforators, inspectors, punching-units and web cleaning systems.

INNOVA MATIC Evolution 4.0 with Handling solution


In the new INNOVA MATIC Evolution 4.0 automatic slitting machine model, produced entirely in the Mornago plant, all of Cason’s technology and innovation is focused on increasing production efficiency.

By creating new standards, new solutions are offered to the Converting market, which increasingly needs flexibility, ergonomics and interconnection.
Among the latest innovations there is the core dispenser with automatic loading, a solution capable of loading and positioning new cores on rewinding shafts in a completely independent and automated manner, thus relieving the operator of this task, guaranteeing high positioning accuracy and preventing any human errors.

This dispenser is directly connected to a dual-function unloading station, which on one hand allows the automatic positioning of cores on rewinding shafts and on the other hand the automated unloading of finished reels for optimal integration with the automation system.

Integrations with Handling division

Cason’s Handling division is in charge of developing automation systems for reel handling downstream of the slitting department by creating tailor-made solutions for each customer so as to interface different slitting units and accommodate, package, label and palletize what is produced, guaranteeing traceability, respecting operator’ safety and improving the productivity of the entire slitting department.

Combining the know-how and the experience of the Handling division, the new INNOVA MATIC Evolution 4.0 series is designed to include all the necessary arrangements for easy physical and software integrations with automated packaging systems.

The physical configurations allow simple and cost-effective connection to automated unloading systems, the software arrangements a quick and easy exchange of production data between the slitting machine and the handling systems.

INNOVA MATIC Evolution 4.0 with Handling solution at K 2022

Integration with Industry 4.0

Software arrangements concern the complete connectivity between customers’ E.R.P. management systems and the software within Innova Matic, this is made possible by the integration of Industry 4.0 paradigms that make communication and processing of indicators easier and more functional.

Applying the Industry 4.0 model, the customer gets a valuable tool capable of collecting, sorting and giving value to the KPIs set: data are exchanged in an intuitive and effective way and then translated into graphs and dashboards that return readable and immediately applicable operational parameters.

INNOVA MATIC Evolution 4.0: know-how and innovation

Thanks to the synergy of intrinsic values, customized solutions and innovation, with the new INNOVA MATIC Evolution 4.0 series, a new degree of automation and innovation has been achieved that adds value to already proven functionality, gives operators a supervisory role thus increasing the level of safety, and allows for the creation of production processes that are increasingly customized and in line with plant projects.