Innova Biback HPO

INNOVA BIBACK HPO is designed to be a worker friendly and convenient slitter, able to reduce downtime (material and knives positioning) and keep low the ownership costs over the time. Thanks to the strong steel structure and innovative “pre-balance system” the slitter guarantee vibration-free process at high speeds with heavy rolls.

A separate vertical shaft-less un-winder connected to the mainframe through a bridge allowing a over-head web path, a highly appreciated feature where the highest hygienic standards are required, like the pharmaceutical and the food industry.

Innova Biback HPO Face to Face

The INNOVA BIBACK HPO FACE TO FACE thanks to innovative fully automated loading and unloading frontal layout is the ideal machine to be placed in “clean rooms” studied to process in food and pharmaceutical materials.

A separate shaft-less un-winder is separated from the main structure through a bridge allows a over head web path of the material (characteristic greatly appreciated where the highest hygiene standard are needed ). The rewinding station is placed frontally to the loading station, and the finished rolls collection is studied to be easy and rapid on the same side of the main door.

Technical features Details
Mother roll ø (max) 1000 - 1200 mm
Mother rolls width (max) 1000 - 2100 mm
Slit rolls ø (max) 600 - 800 mm
Maximum speed 600 m/min
Finished roll width (min) > 20 mm

Innova Biback HPO applications


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