Slitter rewinder machine Innova Front

INNOVA FRONT is the slitter rewinder machine with technical features that allow finished rolls to be winded and unloaded on the same side of the mother roll, giving a best visual inspection and let INNOVA FRONT be the ideal slitting machine for printing company.

This slitter rewinder machine  is designed to be a worker friendly and convenient, able to reduce downtime (material and knives positioning) and keep low the ownership costs over the time.

Thanks to the strong steel structure and innovative “pre-balance system” the slitter guaranteed vibration-free process at high speeds with heavy rolls.

Technical features and applications

Technical features Details
Material width 1000-1700 mm
Mother roll ø up to 900 mm
Finished roll width (min) > 20 mm
Maximum speed 600 m/min
Slit rolls ø up to 500 mm
Neutral film Aluminium
Paper Metallized film
Labels Non woven
Narrow rolls

Cason slitter rewinder highlights

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