Sturdy frame, innovative “zero gravity” technology and fine tuned customizable software are the key point of Innova Duplex Diameter which introduces in the market the Dual Function Technology: “duplex” and “simplex”.


Technical features Details
Material width 1100-1700 mm
Mother roll ø up to 1500 mm
Finished roll width (min) > 20 mm
Maximum speed 800 m/min
Slit rolls ø (DUPLEX) up to 800mm
Slit rolls ø (SIMPLEX) up to 1000mm

Duplex Diameter applications

Materials Details
Plastic films LDPE, HDPE, PLT, PP, LLDPE
Semi - elastic BOPP, PET, PVdC
Semi rigid and rigid PVC, PET, PP
Paper 40 - 350g/m2
Non woven 40 - 250 g/m2

External equipment

It’s possible to integrate different external equipment into the mainframe of our slitter rewinders thanks to the engineered frames developed by Cason Slitters.

Our slitter rewinders have footboard able to separate comfortably the unwinder and rewinder. Operator can have easily access to inserting the material and slitting group for regulation of the knives and razor blades.


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