Slitter rewinder machine Innova Matic

INNOVA MATIC is double turret slitter rewinder machine with full automatic reel exchange and over-head web path.

In this model of Cason slitter rewinder the separate shaft-less un-winder is connected to the mainframe through a bridge allowing a over-head web path. This feature is highly appreciated where the highest hygienic standards are required, as pharmaceutical and food industry.

The INNOVA MATIC is designed to be a worker friendly and convenient slitter, able to reduce downtimes and keep low the ownership costs over the time.

Thanks to the strong steel structure and innovative “pre-balance system” the slitter guarantee vibration-free process at high speeds with heavy rolls.

Cason slitter rewinders Innova Matic installed

Technical features and applications

Technical features Details
Material width 1000-2100 mm
Mother roll ø up to 1200 mm
Finished roll width (min) > 20 mm
Maximum speed 700 m/min
Slit rolls ø up to 600-800 mm
Neutral film Aluminium
Paper Metallized film
Labels Non woven
Narrow rolls

Cason slitter rewinder highlights

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