Innova CAP Back to Back

BACK TO BACK is the solution “Made in Cason”, ideal for the needs of a highly flexible production dedicated to all producer or re-seller industries of the neutral film. Innova Back to Back Cap offer unique skill to match a production of narrow bands rolls (minimum cut 50mm) and large bands rolls, with a great flexibility on finished rolls diameter (Ø 1300mm maximum), keeping constant the high productivity thanks to the integrated automation.


Slitter Rewinders for Neutral Film - Cason Companies

Neutral film

Technical features Details
Mother roll ø (max) 1500 mm
Mother rolls width (max) 1400 - 3000 mm
Slit rolls ø (max) 1000 mm
Maximum speed 1200 m/min
Finished roll width (min) > 50 mm
Material Thickness ≥ 20-340 μ
Maximum Speed 1200 m/min
Maximum traction (each shaft) 40-400 N

Features and equipment shown on this brochure are standard. 
CASON Srl can customize the machines according to customer’s technical specifications.


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