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Webinar: behind the scenes

Thank You

With more than 200 subscribers from 36 different countries, our first webinar of the year  has been a huge success: thanks to everyone for attending it.

If you’ve missed it, don’t worry, click here to watch it.

Our sales Manager, Davide Da Zanche, will show you the main funcionality of the double turret slitter rewinder Innova Matic SGPE connected to a full automatic handling plant.

Innova Matic SGPE

·         footboard between unwinder and rewinder studied to integrate macro perforator unit

·         Splicing table placed above the mother roll including vacuum and clamping bars

·         Auto laser for cores positioning

·         Automatic unloading station with motorized movement and rotation of the axis to connect with automatic plant

Full Automatic Handling Plant

In the second part of the webinar Davide will focus on the handling plant and in particular:

·         Motorized conveyors to collect 2 slitters

·         Bar code reader automatic

·         Auto bagging machine to close roll by roll with PE bag

·         Auto interlayer positioning

·         Interface with ERP company software

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Backstage webinar
Backstage webinar